It is very usual for new product designers who first joined the industry to feel anxious, nervous, and maybe lost, and they often keep asking themselves three main questions that they keep struggling with in order to answer: how to gain expertise on the product, from where to start learning first about the industry? And what should be the first project to work on?

The developed three months plan does represent any new product-design team joiner’s guide into managing his new experience, better integrating into the job environment, and accomplishing some learning targets and objectives ahead.

What is the 30–60–90…

Most of the time, design teams and designers in general struggle to create experiences and services that are unified and seamless to their end-users by linking between these services and experiences digital and physical instances.

It is undeniable that companies and businesses have depended for years only on digital solutions, and this makes sense in relation to the fact that the digital solution is cheaper to ship than the physical one, and this works for economies. But, there are predictions that the future will be belonging to those companies that know how to have a look at what is actually…

Youness Jamal

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